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The U.S. Department of Education has released a draft version of accountability regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act that would require “comprehensive, summative” ratings for schools, but would not dictate or encourage states to set any particular weight, or a range of weights, for individual accountability measures. (Education Week)
The U.S. Education Department issued proposed regulations Thursday (see text below) to give states “the clarity they need” to implement the new K-12 education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act. (The Washington Post)
Democratic presidential candidates HiIlary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both back more federal investment in pre-K and K-12 programs, and a focus by states on closing achievement gaps between white students and students of color, senior policy advisers to the two said during an education-focused debate Thursday. (Education Week)
Montessori education has a more than century-old history in the United States, but thanks to burgeoning charter and parent-advocacy movements, the model is in the midst of an unprecedented boom in public schools. (Education Week)
The young Americans who spend time abroad during college look little like the students at universities across the United States. But there is a growing effort from schools, nonprofits, businesses, and even the federal government to make sure the students who go abroad are an accurate reflection of the nation’s college campuses. (The Atlantic)
Students born into poverty enter kindergarten at a disadvantage to more affluent peers. As they advance through the grades, they receive lower test scores. They’re more likely to drop out and less likely to enter higher education. (Huffington Post)


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