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The Common Core education standards have become a lightning rod in many of the states where they have been rolled out. But that controversy has largely avoided the place where they have been in effect the longest. (The Wall Street Journal)
How have legislators’ opposition to the Common Core State Standards changed over the last several years, and what does that shift say (and not say) about the state of pushback to the standards? (Education Week)
Lobbyists aren’t having much luck on a gridlocked Capitol Hill — so more and more, they’re opening their wallets in state capitols around the country. Not keeping pace with the surge, say watchdog groups: the disclosure laws that are supposed to keep the influence industry in check. (Washington Post)
As the future of education in the city remains uncertain for public school families, a new school will be opening its doors in September. (
President Barack Obama has now visited all 50 states during his presidency. A standing ovation met Obama as he addressed the 2015 graduating class of Lake Area Tech in Watertown. (
Back when I taught high school, I was able to reach just 150 kids a day. But today at our education company, Learn Capital, I’m now seeing our portfolio reach 150 million viewers. That’s a million times more reach through connected technology. (Entrepreneur)


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