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Here are news and opinion stories educators, advocates, policy wonks and makers are talking about today:
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Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush on Thursday urged Americans to not lose perspective in the aftermath of the Baltimore riots, and offered his own policy prescription for simmering tensions in poor communities. (Politico)  
Former Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., has a new gig. She’s signed on as a paid “strategic adviser” for the Walton Family Foundation. (
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is challenging front-runner Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democrat party presidential nomination. Though he is a registered Independent and is proud to call himself a democratic socialist, he will run as a Democrat. In his campaign announcement today he called once again for a move to “make college tuition in public universities and public colleges free.” (Forbes)
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has unveiled his plan to divide control of the Detroit schools, and it siphons most power over the district to a new “City of Detroit Education District” that would operate alongside the current Detroit public school system. (Education Week)
Deborah Delisle, a top-ranking official at the Education Department responsible for issuing waivers that have freed nearly every state and the District from the most onerous requirements of federal education law, is leaving her job as assistant secretary of education. (Washington Post)
Admitting that he was “not comfortable” with the seven-year prison terms he had handed down two weeks earlier, the judge in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating case on Thursday called three former administrators back to his courtroom to cut their prison terms to three years each. (NY Times)
North Carolina
North Carolina would get an additional $27.3 million a year for schools as a result of a change in federal education funding that Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., added to the new version of the K-12 education law that’s now before Congress. (News & Observer) 


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