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A proposal to save money by eliminating a popular Los Angeles Unified School District free preschool program for low-income families drew the ire of more than 100 parents, teachers and tiny students Thursday as a school board committee considered the cuts. (Southern California Public Radio)
Smaller class sizes. Fewer standardized tests. And a freeze on charter schools, school closings and school turnarounds. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Nine-month-old Latino babies have the same language and cognitive abilities as their white peers, but by the time they reach age 2, they lag significantly behind, according to new research from the University of California at Berkeley. (Washington Post)
There’s been a lot of focus on developing Michigan’s workforce to better adapt to and shape a strong economy. But a key component is missing in these efforts and it’s one that threatens to derail the entire lot: adequate funding for adult education. (Detroit News)
Last month, the superintendent of Davenport Public Schools said he’ll break state law and spend more money than allowed by Iowa’s school funding formula, which requires that his district spend less per-student than others. (The Des Moines)


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