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The Chicago Teachers Union said Thursday that Mayor Rahm Emanuel had “ultimate authority” over his school board’s decision to award a $20.5 million no-bid contract that is now the subject of a federal investigation. (Chicago Tribune)
During her first official campaign event in Iowa earlier this week, former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton praised Common Core and referred to children’s education as a “non-family enterprise.” Clinton’s controversial statements about education, which were captured by C-SPAN, came in response to a question from a participant about how to offer a quality education throughout the U.S. (The Federalist)
A bill the U.S. Senate Education Committee could vote on as early as Thursday allows states to drop Common Core and could mean fewer standardized tests for students, according to its author. (WBIR)
A bipartisan education bill to replace the controversial No Child Left Behind law and reduce the federal government’s power over schools cleared its first big hurdle Thursday. (USA Today)
About one third of the world’s governments and dictatorships are on track to meet United Nations education targets aiming to change the values of humanity as part of its “Education for All” initiative, according to a report released last week by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). With Common Core and related schemes, the Obama administration has been at the forefront of that effort. To deal with those that have not yet met UN schooling goals, UNESCO bureaucrats are seeking more than $22 billion per year in taxpayer funding to provide what the self-styled global education agency refers to as “quality education” for all children. (The New American)
Most of us own a “one size fits all” cap, pair of gloves or socks. For some students, this approach does not work with regard to education. (The Desert Sun)


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