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Education advocates and policy analysts are contemplating the possibility of a Donald Trump presidential administration—and, in many cases, having trouble bringing the picture into focus. (Education Week)
Americans continue to see expanding access to education as the best strategy for widening opportunity in the modern economy, but remain conflicted as to whether to extend that commitment to dramatically widening the pathway to higher education, the Atlantic Media/Pearson Opportunity Poll has found. (The Atlantic)
This year, University of Phoenix will celebrate forty years. Our founder Dr. John Sperling came to Phoenix in 1976, seeing a national need for an institution providing career-relevant higher education for working adults. Our university was among the first in the nation to address that need, as Sperling then wrote: “Little thought has been given to designing a system which will advance the education of those who are already working and who do not have the time, money, or inclination to drop their jobs and attend school.” (The Hill)
The L.A. Unified school board approved a new charter high school, despite the district charter school division’s recommendation that the board deny the application. (Los Angeles Times)
The Internet has not killed the book. For film critic David Denby, this wasn’t immediately obvious. He would watch young people hunched over their phones — on the subway, in coffee shops, walking down the street — and wonder: Are kids still learning to read books? (NPR)


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