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Last week Gov. Snyder signed an executive order moving the state School Reform Office under his direct control, stripping the State Board of Education and state superintendent of their authority. The move was criticized by State Board of Education President John Austin, who predicted it would lead to “another poorly executed school turnaround flameout.” (MLive)
Gov. Phil Bryant is expected to sign a $2.5 billion K-12 education funding bill that passed its final legislative hurdle Tuesday. (The Clarion-Ledger)
Partisan bickering over the Common Core has pushed Michigan legislators in recent years to freeze — then unfreeze — spending on the new standards. They’ve banished the new exam that education officials had been planning to introduce this year and forced the creation of a second new test for 2015 as well as a third one for 2016. (NPR)
Members of the Delaware State Education Association, the state’s largest education union, have voted “no confidence” in Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, the state’s top-ranking education leader. (The News Journal)
New York
Two fourth-graders who attend classes in the same building share a cafeteria, an address and an auditorium — but the quality of their education is a world apart. (NY Daily News)


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