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Twenty New York school districts found to be blocking access for undocumented immigrant children will be forced to modify their enrollment policies to break down illegal barriers to education, the state attorney general’s office said on Wednesday. (NY Times)
In Oklahoma, state lawmakers are debating a bill that would axe the teaching of Advanced Placement courses in U.S. history. The reason? Some believe the classes focus too much on what is “bad about America.” The bill, which passed easily through a committee this week, outlines what should and shouldn’t be taught in the classroom. (NPR)
After seven months and 18 rounds of cantankerous contract talks, Los Angeles Unified administrators and leaders of the district’s 35,000-member teachers union finally found common ground Wednesday when United Teachers Los Angeles made its first legally required step toward a strike. (LA Daily News)
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence wants to strip his Democratic schools superintendent of power — and both Democrats and Republicans say it is a telling example of the aggressive style of this potential 2016 presidential contender. (Politico)
State lawmakers are moving to do what schools chief Diane Douglas has so far been unable to do — kill the Common Core academic standards and any tests associated with them. (Tucson)
At a contentious meeting marked by angry outbursts and high drama, the School Reform Commission approved five new charter schools Wednesday night, rejecting 34 of 39 applications. (The Notebook)


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