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For the first time since the rise of teachers unions in the 1980s, the percentage of USA teachers represented by unions in public and private schools has fallen below 50%, suggesting that the demographics of the teaching profession and the shift away from traditional schools are taking a toll on union membership. (USA Today)
Washington, D.C. has managed to take the most basic state and local responsibility—K-12 education—and federalize it at breathtaking speed over the last 12 years.  Now, with the signature piece of federalizing legislation, No Child Left Behind, up for reauthorization in Congress, it is time to put the brakes on this failed and misguided federal experiment.  In short, forget no child–what needs to be left behind is the federalizing of education. (Forbes)
The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools estimates in a new report that 2.9 million children now attend U.S. charter schools, up 14 percent from last school year. (Washington Post)
The Indiana Department of Education on Tuesday said it plans to stay the course with a 12-hour ISTEP exam that is double the length of last year’s test — a development that has enraged parents, teachers and school administrators. (Indy Star)
The “entire nature” of Common Core changed when the Obama administration began to link the education standards to federal money, possible presidential candidate Chris Christie said in Iowa Monday night. (The Des Moines Register)
TALLAHASSEE — Bashing teacher unions and calling for more school choice, Jeb Bush gave one of his trademark wonkish policy speeches Tuesday that had one clear omission: “Common Core.” (Politico)


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