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One of the biggest stories this year in education has been the results from new tests aligned to the Common Core State Standards. But so far, it’s been hard to keep track of all the scores that have been rolling in. (Education Week)
For all the claims that the $95.5-million settlement, announced on Monday, of a federal false-claims lawsuit against the Education Management Corporation was “historic,” “unprecedented,” and “a very clear warning to other career colleges out there,” the deal actually won’t do a whole lot for the thousands of students who may have been pressured to enroll by the company’s admissions recruiters over the past decade. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
Having picked up the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers in the Democratic primary earlier this year, Hillary Clinton participated in a roundtable organized by the union on Nov. 9. During the discussion with union President Randi Weingarten and several AFT members, Clinton expanded on her views on charter schools, which have been making waves over the past week, as well as her commitment to increased Title I funding. (Education Week)
Starting a new job is always tough — no matter the profession. But the first year for a new teacher can be brutal. Research shows that roughly one teacher in 10 will quit by the end of that first year, and the toughest time — for many — is right now. (NPR)
Principal Sharon Clark stepped into her football team’s weight room with a fearless stride. Boys in muscle shirts scattered about, the pungent bouquet of teen sweat clinging to the walls—this place signified male sanctuary like no other room in the Sophie B. Wright Charter School. (The Atlantic)


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