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Here are news and opinion stories educators, advocates, policy wonks and makers are talking about today:
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An Indiana House committee passed a bill today that would remove the guarantee that state Superintendent Glenda Ritz must chair the Indiana State Board of Education. (Chalkbeat)
Even as Barack Obama tours the country to promote his middle-class economic plan, American families increasingly need public assistance to help put food on the table. A new report by the US census bureau found that 16 million children live in families that receive food stamps, a number that almost doubled between 2007 and 2014. (The Guardian) 
According to a new poll from Beck Research, just about 70% of Americans approve of school choice, including 47% which strongly support it.  Only 27% oppose the idea. (Education News) 
In the education world, you see this phrase all the time: “free and reduced-price lunch.” What’s the percentage at a given school? In a given district or state? (NPR) 
Louisiana’s budget shortfall has grown, which could mean deeper cuts to higher education and health care services than initially thought. (Education News)


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