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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be taking over as Chairman of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s education foundation. (Education News)
PHOENIX — Like high school civics students around the country, the juniors and seniors in Darcy White’s government class here will have to take a final exam. But these students — and all others in Arizona — will soon face an extra hurdle: To graduate, they will have to pass the test that is given to immigrants who want to become United States citizens, a multiple-choice exam that includes such questions as “What do we call the first 10 amendments to the Constitution?” and “What did Susan B. Anthony do?” (NY Times)
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary by announcing its intentions to improve the lives of people in poverty-stricken countries through technological advancements and betting on online education to extend to billions worldwide. (Education News) 
WASHINGTON — President Obama, facing angry reprisals from parents and from lawmakers of both parties, will drop his proposal to effectively end the popular college savings accounts known as 529s, but will keep an expanded tuition tax credit at the center of his college access plan, White House officials said Tuesday. (NY Times) 
On Katie Jeffery’s seventeenth birthday, her mom kicked her out of the house—She then spent four months living on the streets of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Jeffery stayed in hotels, friends’ places, cars, even a shed for a couple of weeks. All the while, she worked to finish up her final year of high school. (Market Place) 
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would like to create alternative pathways to allow people who have “real-life experience” to become teachers as opposed to pursuing a traditional teaching license. (Education News) 


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