Beth Milne is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

The first step to reimagining our public schools is to understand what’s happening inside of them. During our Rising Tide campaign, I have asked you to tell your legislators to prize talented teachers and protect great schools.

RI-CAN is proud to announce a new online tool to complement our efforts: RI-CAN’s online School and District Report Cards. Our report cards provide Rhode Island families with detailed information about all 300 public schools in our state based on the academic achievement of their students.

Click here to see how your public school is doing.

In addition to releasing report cards, RI-CAN has released a Top 10 schools list to reveal the Rhode Island public schools that are defying demographic odds. Click here to see which schools are beating the odds.

These tools are designed to help Rhode Island families access information about their local schools and serve as effective advocates for their children. They are also designed to create transparency and awareness about how our public schools perform. Rhode Island residents deserve to know how well their public schools are meeting the needs of every student.

Take a look at your school today.


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