Deputy Director

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Tre and his sister grew up in Trenton, New Jersey, raised by a mother who moved the family around from time to time to make sure they always had access to family and a good education. Tre was a bookish kid whose head was always in the clouds of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and comic books.

It was only natural that when Tre graduated high school, he majored in English literature and creative writing at the University of Maryland – College Park. To this day, Tre loves stories and looking for ways to unlock them in everyone he meets.

After graduating from Maryland, Tre joined Teach For America and became a high school English teacher in Houston, TX and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, Tre has worked in the Maryland-D.C.-Virginia corridor, teaching in Columbia, Maryland and working for a youth nonprofit in Washington, D.C.

Tre moved to the greater Philadelphia area in 2006, and has since worked in two charter schools in development and admissions roles; Teach For America-Greater Philadelphia in district strategy alumni affairs and executive roles and most recently the Camden School District, where he managed the District’s school advisory board. In Tre’s spare time, he serves on the board for a local school and writes for a local Philadelphia press.

I aspire to be like James Baldwin. Here’s why:

James Baldwin was an unapologetic literary and rhetorical voice for his society and people. I aspire to be like him in my work.

Why I love my job:

I love my job because I truly love Camden, the “City Invincible.” Camden has the heart of a fighter and a deep giving soul. I’ve been doing work within Camden in various capacities since 2012, and I’ve loved the small but mighty community’s sense of ownership.

My job is great because it allows me the ability to add to the city’s collective strength; as the JerseyCAN Deputy Director I build partnerships with everyone from clergy to clerks in the city who are excited and eager for more quality schools and teachers. I get to bring those people together and serve as a healthy partner to our city’s schools.

I get to sit in the middle of change, empower others to be advocates and push the desire for forming a collective voice to move the city forward for kids and families.

My connection to public schools:

I was a public school student growing up in the Trenton, NJ area from grades seven to twelve. After college, I began my career as a public high school English teacher, and all of my roles since leaving the classroom have been working in and with public schools in Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia and Camden.

What I’m bad at:

Staying silent.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

These are my nieces and nephews. They are young enough that they stay on the forefront of my mind every day and provide the “why” for why I do what I do.