Communications Associate

TEN - Colorado 508 332 8130


Ryan grew up outside of Boston, MA before moving to New York to study Film and Television Production at Hofstra University. Shortly after graduation, Ryan gained valuable communications experience working for various media organizations, including ABC and VICE. Looking for a career change he moved to Denver, CO where he joined the TEN team shortly afterward. Now he works to advocate for education reform through a digital landscape.

When he’s not at work, Ryan absorbs as much pop-culture as he possibly can. Whether it be television, music, or film, he prides himself on constantly having his finger on the heart-beat of culture. From 14-mile hikes to runs along the creek, he can also be found exploring all that the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer.

I aspire to be like my Papa. Here’s why: 

My Papa immigrated from Italy with his sister when he was 12 years old. He is the hardest working man I know, building a foundation for his entire family that spawned for generations. From his strength to his creativity, he has inspired me to push my limits, raise my standards, and constantly strive for more knowledge.

Why I love my job:

I love my job because it allows me to be creative and do what I love while also contributing to a cause that extends well beyond myself. It is an honor to work alongside such incredible and talented individuals with a strong sense of purpose.

My connection to public schools: 

Having attended public schools my entire life, I understand the importance and the value of a quality education. Although I was fortunate enough to attend exceptional schools, I understand that not every child has those opportunities, which is what motivates me daily. All students deserve access to a high-quality education, which starts on a local level.

What I’m bad at: 

Sticking to plans! When the time comes, my couch and television always seems more appealing, and it drives my friends crazy!

This image represents why I work at 50CAN: 

My great grandfather built this house from the ground up in the mid-1900’s. It represents what my family and I were fortunate to have, opportunity. At the same time, it is a constant reminder of why it is so important, and that far too many people don’t have those same opportunities. Opportunity starts with education, and I go to work everyday to strive towards a system that allows every student to have a life filled with opportunities and success.