Lead Education Organizer

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Moraly attended New York City Public Schools and earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Professional Certificate in Marketing Communications, and a Master of Science in Hospitality Industry Studies from New York University. Professionally, she has worked in Fortune 100 companies, a start-up multinational, and consulted for non-profit organizations.

Moraly has had the pleasure to work in the education, media, advertising, and hospitality industries, with responsibilities ranging from educational advocacy, public policy, legislative lobbying, community outreach, finance, contract negotiations, advertising campaign development, and project management.    

Moraly is a product of Puerto Rican ancestry, a diverse multicultural  rainbow people. She is the oldest of three girls, raised by a single mother in a Spanish dominant household. She loves art, dancing to music that enlivens the soul, and enjoys nature. A foodie at heart, Moraly relishes the opportunity to try cuisines from all over the world.

Moraly is married to her college sweetheart and they have two ‘Afro-Rican’ children. 

I aspire to be like Michelle Obama. Here’s why: 

I admire her strength, resilience, determination, compassion, kindness, joyfulness, and no-nonsense perspective. 

Like Michelle Obama, I like to continually challenge myself, and seek to use my professional experience and passion to make a difference for others in my community. I want to use my skills to give back and make life better for children who grow up in challenging environments, like the one I experienced in the South Bronx. 

I want to help create a world where all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, native language, or country of origin, receive a genuinely excellent and equitable education that will help them become engaged and productive citizens who will help make our world a great place for all future children. 

Why I love my job: 

I love my job because it allows me to engage and collaborate with, and empower a cross-section of people, who care about providing all children with a quality education and the tools they need to secure their success.

My connection to public schools: 

I am a product of one of the poorest Congressional districts in the nation, yet I was fortunate to have had incredible teachers who genuinely cared about my education and well-being. They held me to high standards and challenged me to be my best. 

As an engaged parent to two “gifted” middle schoolers attending a nationally ranked Blue Ribbon magnet school, I see first-hand the socioeconomic, racial, and educational disparities in in the Miami-Dade County Public School System. I am a firm believer that the educational opportunities my children receive at their award-winning school should be afforded to every child, in every school.

What I’m bad at: 

I am bad at accepting that “common sense” is, unfortunately, not all that “common.”

This image represents why I work at 50CAN: 

This piece is titled “Thanks and Praises” by the artist Bernard Hoyes. I have this print at home. It is a constant reminder to everyone in our family that we should be grateful for all of the opportunities we have been afforded, as well as an affirmation of the people who came before us and paved the way forward.