Executive Director, P.S. 305

P.S.305 - Miami 305 972 7153 mhosseini@ps305.org

The middle child of Iranian immigrants, Mina Hosseini was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her parents came to the United States in the late 1970s to study at an American university with plans to return to Iran and elevate their communities with their education. The commencement of the Iranian Revolution and the onset of the Iraqi invasion would alter the course of their plans, leading them to remain in the United States permanently. These unexpected circumstances shaped a unique set of childhood experiences for Mina, giving her  an unusually strong capacity for patience, understanding and empathy that would help ignite her passion for advocacy.

Prior to joining P.S. 305 as an education organizer, Mina began her career with Deloitte Tax LLP servicing domestic and international clients. She holds an executive master’s degree in Taxation from Florida International University. When not working with the P.S. 305 team, Mina can be found serving as a Guardian Ad Litem volunteer for the 11th Judicial Circuit in Florida, where she serves as a voice for children in foster care.

I aspire to be like my sister. Here’s why:

She is my favorite human. Sprinkled with compassion, beauty and intelligence, she supports me in becoming the best version of myself. My sister has never let fear conquer her ambitions. She has traveled the world and has an insatiable hunger for education. She also has a background in mechanical and electrical engineering which makes her fierce!

Why I love my job:

In a nutshell, I have the privilege to support and enrich the lives of parents in my community. I love identifying and highlighting the best things in people that are often overlooked!

My connection to public schools:

I attended traditional public schools in Miami-Dade from kindergarten through high school. I have seen and experienced firsthand the strengths and challenges within our schools and the impact of a high-quality education.

What I’m bad at:

Staying in the present moment and not letting my mind wander.

This image represents why I work at 50CAN: 

This is a photo of me riding a path behind the palace in Versailles, France. Though not apparent, I was enamored by the rich history and beauty all around me. I couldn’t stop grinning— it was the same excitement and wonder of a girl who has just learned how to ride a bike! I would not have this incredible memory and so many others if not for the doors opened to me by education. A high-quality education should give all children the opportunity to explore and enrich the world!