Grant Writing Manager

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Emily Daw joined the 50CAN team in September 2021 as the Grant Writing Manager. Emily has nearly eight years of development experience in both nonprofit and municipal government sectors, including prospect research, grant writing, project management, data analysis and reporting and program evaluation. She received her bachelor’s degree focusing on English, education and humanities from Indiana University at Indianapolis.

Before joining 50CAN, Emily served as the Senior Grants Manager at United Way of Central Indiana, where she secured funding to ensure Hoosiers experience equitable access to education, health, basic needs and financial stability. Prior to that, Emily held grant writing and management roles at the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, Indiana’s oldest and largest public health system, and Indiana Primary Health Care Association, the state association that provides training and technical assistance for safety-net providers. Grant Writing Manager

I aspire to be like ______. Here’s why: 

I aspire to be the best version of myself. Although challenging at times, I aim to be constantly learning, growing, adapting and changing – drawing from people, experiences, events, thoughts and ideas – to cultivate my sense of self into something filled with meaning, gratitude, empathy, love, curiosity, truth, knowledge and integrity.

Why I love my job:

K-12 and post-secondary education experience allowed me to shape my passion for writing into a meaningful career. I cannot think of a better way to utilize my passion than by helping to ensure all kids have access to high-quality, equitable education, where they too can find their passions and successfully navigate rewarding pathways and economic stability after graduation.

My connection to public schools: 

I attended public schools from kindergarten through college. While in college, I majored in secondary English education and student-taught at Indiana’s largest public school district for a semester. Through these experiences, and as a literacy tutor for third-grade students, I have witnessed the glaring inequities within the public school system. I firmly believe that equitable access to quality education – devoid of discrimination – is fundamental for the future of our country.

What I’m bad at: 

Letting go of a project – every detail needs to be just right.

This image represents why I work at 50CAN: 

The image below is of a book I received from a nonprofit after helping them secure funding for a statewide early literacy program. It serves as a personal reminder that small acts of service can lead to a greater good. As an advocate for education reform, I am honored to work for an organization fighting for critical, sustainable changes to our country’s education system.