Executive Assistant to the President

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Christy has always been on the move. Born in Manila, Philippines, Christy moved to Chicago at the age of 10 with her parents. Throughout the course of her childhood, she lived in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Texas before finally settling down in Washington D.C.

Christy attended Salisbury University to study chemical engineering before enlisting in the United States Air Force, where she spent two years in active duty and two years in the reserves working in the healthcare field. During her time in the Air Force and working in the civilian field, she discovered her passion for helping people and patients.

Most recently, Christy served as an administrator for a D.C. dental office, managing patient and client outreach. She has also worked as an HR manager, account manager and medical technician. As the executive assistant to the president of 50CAN, Christy provides administrative and logistical support to the president and national network and oversees management of the D.C. office.

I aspire to be like my father. Here’s why:

My father is one of the hardest working people I know. He is kind, hard-working and has the drive of a young man for someone who is 70 years old. No matter the circumstances, he has never given up on his work, his children, his life or his marriage.

My father has shown me the kind of motivation and drive that I need to be successful in my work and in my aspirations.

Why I love my job:

Stepping into my present role coming from the healthcare world, my path to 50CAN was unique, but I love the challenge of this role. Being able to be part of an operation that helps kids receive a great education is such a huge bonus. While I never imagined working in the education arena, I am forever grateful to do this work every day.

My connection to public schools:

I am a product of the public school system, and my siblings are in public middle and high schools at this time. The values instilled in me by my parents, teachers and coaches have enabled me to excel in life. I want to be able to help provide that opportunity for all kids today, especially for my siblings.

What I’m bad at:

I never give up on things or people—at times to a fault. My relentlessness drives me, but I have to remember to step back and breathe.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

50CAN exists because there are people that love what they do for this organization and truly care for children and their future. The mission and the drive of the organization is what inspires me to go above beyond in my role for 50CAN.

Image source: Pradyumna Prabhu on Flickr bit.ly/2gf34GK (cc)