Communications Manager

National Team 202 355 4304 @CarlyC26

Carly is a DC native and is thrilled to be joining the 50CAN team! She received a bachelor’s degree in English from Marymount University and a master’s degree in strategic communications, with a specialization in digital media, from American University (go Eagles!). At AU, Carly wrote her capstone on the strategic usage of social media by non-profit organizations and private corporations. 

Prior to joining 50CAN, Carly served as the Communications and Alumni Outreach Coordinator at American University Washington College of Law. In this role, she managed the International and Comparative Legal Studies (ICLS) social media accounts and engaged with the ICLS alumni network, sharing their professional accomplishments across the AU network and legal communities. 

In her free time, Carly loves to read, satisfy her inner foodie by cooking and exploring the DC restaurant scene, be outside with her Shih-Tzu/miniature Poodle mix, Riley, and cheer on the Washington Nationals. 

I aspire to be like my parents. Here’s why: 

My parents’ lives are full of accomplishments — my dad has been a journalist and bureau chief for TIME magazine in numerous countries. He and my mom co-wrote two books and my mom has written six on her own, two of which were New York Times best-sellers! They have achieved so much, but not without roadblocks along the way. They have shown me that, despite any challenges that may be in your way, nothing is unattainable. With determination and hard work, anything can be accomplished. 

Why I love my job: 

I have two passions — social media and education. Being able to marry them in a productive and meaningful way allows me to wake up looking forward to what each day will bring. 

My connection to public schools: 

Having lived in DC almost my entire life, I have seen the challenges that kids face when they do not have a quality education. DC’s public school graduation rate in 2019 was only 68.6%, which is down over 4% from the previous year. My hope is to see the DC graduation rate AND the national graduation rate reach 100%, but that cannot happen until we devote our time and resources to creating high-quality education opportunities for all students. 

What I’m bad at: 

I’m bad at watching one episode of a streaming show at a time — I usually end up watching a whole season in one weekend! 

This image represents why I work at 50CAN: 

This is a picture is of my parents and me at my AU graduation. I was lucky enough to have great educational opportunities from a young age. My goal at 50CAN is to work to make sure everyone has the same opportunities.