Executive Director

TennesseeCAN 615 601 2753 brent.easley@tn-can.org @brenteasley

Brent has been involved in education reform since 2012, first serving as the state director for StudentsFirst Tennessee and then executive director. As executive director of TennesseeCAN, he guides the team’s strategic vision and leads the effort to drive the brand of bold education reform that has molded Tennessee into a national model for educational progress.

Prior to engaging in education policy, Brent served as the senior research and policy analyst for the Tennessee House Republican Caucus and worked on multiple high-profile political campaigns throughout the state. He graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville.

Originally from Lebanon, TN, Brent now lives in Nashville with his wife Rachel and two children.

I aspire to be like Neil Armstrong. Here’s why:

A true explorer and pioneer, he still pushes for those in his field—and all of us—to reach higher.

Why I love my job:

Being a parent of two, I know that what we do has an impact on real kids like mine. I want my children and others to grow up in a world where their education is world-class and the American Dream is attainable because of what we have done to lay a foundation before them.

My connection to public schools:

A large portion of my education was spent in public schools. By the time I got to middle school, I had moved between five different public schools.

As the son of an educator and principal, I know the impact a quality education can have on a student’s life.

What I’m bad at:

Colors. Fun fact: I am colorblind.

The image that represents why I work at 50CAN:

This photo of my family is an example of what drives me every day. What we do today will impact their tomorrow.