Electoral Advocacy: Social Change Through Political Strategy

Since first launching AdvocacyLabs as a joint initiative between FutureEd and 50CAN in 2019, we have marshaled insights from the best academic research on effective advocacy to answer the real-world questions advocacy leaders are asking themselves every day. Over the past four years we have highlighted more than one hundred research studies that make use of everything from qualitative analysis to experimental designs to social simulations with the goal of elevating insights that can give education advocates an edge in their work on behalf of the nation’s students.

In this latest report, we dive into the world of elections, drawing upon best-in-class research studies to answer many of the key questions advocates ask when considering how they can build more political clout to promote improvements in education.

This report asks and answers seven practical questions to help more education advocates become full participants in our democratic process.

Publish date: April 2023 Number of pages: 22