• Enacting changes to choice programs to increase enrollment by 10,000 students, allowing high-quality charter schools to remove enrollment caps more easily and increasing the number of students eligible for the Special Needs ESA.
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    • Continuing to fight for student-centered funding and diversifying the educator workforce, so that students have access to teachers who share their background.
    • Modernizing the teacher workforce by creating more pathways for educators to be certified.
    • Creating an automatic mechanism to require districts to report federal spending, while increasing community input and collaboration in school improvement efforts.
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    • Taking next steps to reform Delaware’s school funding formula to a unit-based system and outlining in law the expectations, engagements and options necessary to ensure educational equity, all while defending against attacks on the charter sector.
    • Designating broadband access as an essential utility.
    • Codifying language that requires districts to report how they spend federal money.
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    • Improving and expanding the Statewide Tax Credit and increasing the number of high-quality charter seats while also expanding teacher pipeline and diversity programs.
    • Ensuring that tutoring programs and after-school learning programs are protected and track results.
    • Expanding learning opportunities for all children through the creation of an ESA or direct-aid program.
    • Protecting Georgia’s system of high-quality assessments, accountability, evaluations and transparency.
    • Aligning career pathways with high-demand industries.
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    • Providing grant funds to families to support key educational needs.
    • Updating the requirements to serve on the State Board of Education.
    • Removing barriers so more students can participate in career readiness programs, providing incentive funds to schools when students complete industry-recognized credential programs and enabling computer science courses to count toward core graduation requirements.
    • Letting students more easily earn school credit from community-based programs and organizations.
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    • Ensuring the state fulfills new budget requirements on reporting the use and impact of federal funds on student achievement.
    • Maintaining and enacting education recovery policies through parent advocacy and other partnerships and coalitions.
    • Securing more equitable school and facilities funding, including more equitable funding for charter schools and facilities funding for charter and renaissance schools, alongside effective implementation of a teacher certification pilot program.
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    • Informing the public and policymakers how federal ARP funds are being used, while also passing a constitutional amendment declaring a right to a quality education.
    • Establishing a revolving loan fund for charter school facilities and funding a quality teacher pipeline program.
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    • Doubling facilities funding for charter schools, enacting a student-based funding model and expanding ESA eligibility statewide.
    • Making tutoring and choice-based summer camps permanent.
    • Creating permanent direct payments to families for educational expenses.
    • Removing roadblocks to career pathway programs.
    • Defending accountability and transparency while providing parents access to information about all the ways their children are learning.
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Transform Education Now (Denver area)

    • Increasing the availability of high quality seat options across the Denver Metro Area and protecting Colorado’s charter approval system.
    • Ensuring that tutoring programs and after-school learning programs are protected and track results.
    • Providing direct aid to families to extend learning opportunities outside the classroom.
    • Ensuring that student progress is measured and communicated to families and community about all the ways their children are learning.
    • Removing roadblocks to career pathway programs.
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