The American Enterprise Institute has launched a project to track how states and districts are adapting to this new education reality.

The nonprofit education consulting group Bellwether Education Partners is offering their services pro bono to school districts and charter school networks to help with their response to Covid-19.

Cato published a brief that explores the ways in which the economic downturn may hit private schools enrollment particularly hard.

Chiefs for Change published a curated resources page for districts responding to Covid-19.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities published a 50 state analysis on how well prepared states are for the coming recession.

CRPE’s Robin Lake provides an overview of new survey results on CMOs and districts are doing to meet students’ needs.

Instruction Partners has studied early distance learning plans from districts and provides guidance for decision makers in what is and isn’t working.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools teamed up with Bellwether Education Partners to create a portal for charter school leaders to understand legislation on Covid-19.

For more tailored homeschooling advice, visit African-American Homeschool Moms. Their website offers a variety of resources including links to TedTalks geared to help African-American parents as they take on the role of teacher.

Braven has provided a curated selection of resources for low-income families and first generation college students, including food, internet access and tutoring resources.

Common Sense Media teamed up with Survey Monkey to find out how America’s teenagers are coping with the nationwide school closures.

In this EdNavigator blog post you will find a number of resources for navigating the Covid-19 crises with your kids and links to online learning websites, programs and apps.

In collaboration with the FCC, wireless and broadband carriers have agreed to provide free WiFi hotspots and additional internet access during the pandemic.

Girls Who Code has released a fantastic set of coding activities that can be done at home.

MIT has put out their list of the best education resources for being at home with kids.

The Wide Open School initiative, curated by Common Sense Media, has launched a list of digital academic resources and activities for parents, searchable by grade level.

yes. every kid. launched a site dedicated to learning everywhere, including at home or in the yard.

Achievement First, a network of charter schools, posted their Remote Learning Resources online by grade-level and subject.

The EdWeek Research Center released the findings of a new survey of 1,720 educators.

NCTQ released an analysis of teaching and licensure in the times of coronavirus.

Partnership Schools launched a new blog focused on sharing their uniquely Catholic approach to distance learning, including an academic spotlight on topics like ELA instruction.

Rocketship Schools published a video on how they are striving to bring fun to distance learning.

Success Academy, the charter school network in New York City, has shared its strategy for going remote, including its Remote Learning Framework and four weeks of homework packets.

Teach Like a Champion released a series of free, online video seminars called Techniques and Principles for Remote Learning.

Teach For America has created a list of free resources developed for educators engaging in distance learning.

Uncommon Schools CEO Brett Peiser shared what the charter network is learning in the transition to distance learning.

The Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) has launched a project to track how districts shift instruction, student support, and organizational operations.

For up-to-date information about actions education systems are taking to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, visit ExcelinEd’s State-by-State map and database.

FutureEd at Georgetown University has also created a page for tracking state legislation on education and Covid-19.

A study conducted by NWEA finds that without action, Covid-19 will have a devastating effect on student learning, with students entering the fall with 50% learning gains than normal.

The UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute Autism Team released a comprehensive new report on supporting individuals with autism through uncertain times.

Transcend Education has worked with other groups to identify the key problems that must be solved during the pandemic.