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In South Korea and Finland, it’s not about finding the “right” school. (TED)
AS Tommie Leaders, 22, approached college graduation last spring, his professors told him he would have no trouble getting hired. “You’re a guy teaching elementary, ” they said. (New York Times)
New Jersey
Gov. Chris Christie is in Camden. With Mayor Dana Redd and Superintendent of Schools Paymon Rouhanifard, he visits the cafeteria and a classroom at Octavius V. Catto Community Family School at 12:30 p.m., then makes remarks in the school’s library around 1:25 p.m. (Asbury Park Press)
New York
If you were to compile a list of American heroes of social justice, Eva Moskowitz would be near the top. Her network of Success Academy Charter Schools has been a staggering triumph of upward mobility, helping hundreds of mostly poor, mostly minority children selected at random to achieve academic success on par with or even beyond that of wealthy, privileged suburban children. And Moskowitz is a hero to some, but mostly she is a beleaguered figure of controversy. (New York Magazine)
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has released a somewhat ambiguous statement about the future of the Common Core State Standards in that state, saying he has asked for a “continued public review” of the standards as part of the “final phase” of a three-year process to “roll back” the standards in the Keystone State. (Education Week)


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