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As children and district staff head back to school this week, policy-makers and educators continue to wrangle over a host of educational, political, and fiscal issues. (Newsworks)
Former D.C. councilman Kevin Chavous talks about his battles with teachers unions across the country and why the voucher movement is advancing. (Wall Street Journal)
Contrary to claims that recent teacher evaluation forms are leading to strict, one-size-fits-all policies, state-level data actually suggests local districts are implementing state-based teacher evaluation reforms inconsistently. (Education Next)
The U.S. ranks 19th out of 30 countries in the outcomes it gets from its investments in education, according to “The Efficiency Index: Which education systems deliver the best value for the money?,” a report released Thursday by GEMS Education Solutions, a London-based education consultancy. (Education Week)
State standardized test results released in late August show the gap between minority and white students in the Duluth school district is slowly starting to narrow, but most scores for minority students remain well below those of their white peers. (Duluth News Tribune)
New Jersey
o you remember a teacher or other school employee who made a difference in your life? Perhaps someone who really brought an academic subject to life, or who simply helped you through a difficult time? How about a class or subject that thrilled you and made you want to learn more and more, even after you’d completed your assignments and passed the final exam? (


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