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Mike Johnston’s mother was a public-school teacher. So were her mother and father. And his godfather taught in both public and private schools. (New York Times)
As American students return to classes in a public education system projected to be majority minority for the first time this fall, new test scores provide alarming evidence that students of color remain far behind their white counterparts. (Huffington Post)
Two new polls this week attempt to quantify the public’s feelings for the Common Core State Standards. The K-12 benchmarks in English and math were little known this time last year. But they’ve since become the subject of a high-profile political fight. Now a majority of the public opposes them. Or do they? (NPR)
New Jersey
Facing increasing pressure from some state lawmakers who would like to see investigations into administrative and fiscal  mishandlings within the public school system of New Jersey’s largest city, Gov. Chris Christie stopped to offer his own assessment of Newark’s troubled education situation, as well as a brief job report for newly reappointed schools superintendent Cami Anderson. (Politicker NJ)
New York
The “war on women” isn’t just for Republicans. Left-wing organizations in New York City have launched their own misogynist crusade against former CNN anchor turned education advocate Campbell Brown. (USA Today)


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