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We know things have been rough on the testing front in Tennessee. But we didn’t realize they’ve been rough enough to make Tennessee pull out of PARCC. (Education Week)
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday that he wants to cut ties with the Common Core State Standards, the benchmarks in reading and math that he helped bring to the state four years ago, and replace them with new, Louisiana-specific standards. (WYNC)
New Jersey
New Jersey lawmakers are having second thoughts about a 3-year-old law that requires public workers at all levels to live in the state. (Courier-Post)
Seniority-based teacher layoffs have been the law of the land in Pennsylvania schools for decades, but some Harrisburg legislators are pushing to change that. (Lancaster Online)
Rhode Island
This actually happened: A key legislator listened to his constituents and changed his mind about an important piece of legislation, which changed the fate of the bill. (Washington Post)


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