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Tests have existed throughout the history of education. Today they’re being used more than ever before — but not necessarily as designed. Different types of tests are best for different purposes. Some help students learn better. Some are there to sort individuals. Others help us understand how a whole population is doing. (NPR)
Days after he first sounded off on Twitter, the comedian clarified his views on teachers, tests and Common Core. (Salon)
Charter schools receive less funding than traditional public schools on average, according to a new report — but some experts say that the funding gap isn’t necessarily unfair, and that the report’s methodology masks fundamental differences between charter and public school populations. (Huffington Post)
How teachers channel visuals, vocabulary, into greater success for young English learners. (The Hechinger Report)
North Carolina
A state legislative subcommittee wants North Carolina students to be able to attend any public school in the state, allowing them to cross district lines without having to pay tuition or receive permission from the school system they’re leaving. (News and Observer)


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