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The Obama administration plans to use tens of millions in federal financial aid as leverage to reward teacher training programs that produce teachers who routinely raise student test scores — and to drive the rest out of business. (Politico)
DC Prep operates four charter schools here with 1,200 students in preschool through eighth grade. The schools, whose students are mostly poor and black, are among the highest performing in Washington. Last year, DC Prep’s flagship middle school earned the best test scores among local charter schools, far outperforming the average of the city’s traditional neighborhood schools as well. (NY Times)
The Obama administration wants American teachers to be better at their jobs. They’re going about accomplishing that goal in a somewhat roundabout way: new regulations on the colleges and other programs that educate teachers. (Vox)
New Jersey
Monitor’s role limited to trying to help solve budget crisis, not taking control of policies or programs. (NJ Spotlight)
New York
In New York City, a conflict is brewing between city government and one of the most successful charter school networks in the city. (PBS Newshour)


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