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With the shift to computerized testing, tablets in the classroom and digitized personal records, schools are collecting more data than ever on how children are doing. Now, some educators believe, it’s time to put that data to use. (Wall Street Journal)
Diverging incomes among families lead to diverging destinies among children, undermining the promise of equal opportunity. Economic research helps explain why this happening and what we could do about it. (New York Times)
GAIL R. RUSCETTA changed careers for the first time when she had children. A theater major who bounced between acting gigs in her 20s, Ms. Ruscetta took the kind of leap that overachieving city dwellers often fantasize about: She and her then husband moved to Montana and opened a horse farm and riding school. (New York Times)
Pennsylvania’s charter school law must be updated to reflect what we have learned in the past 17 years about the intelligent and effective operation and oversight of charter schools. (Lebanon Daily News)
With labor negotiations stalled, Superintendent William Hite said Monday that he intends to impose a system for assigning teachers to schools next year that eliminates seniority as the deciding factor and instead gives principals the power to fill all vacancies and assemble staff. (Philadelphia School Notebook)


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