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Teachers are not shying away from the challenges of implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). (Huffington Post)
We are at a critical juncture for education reform in America: forty-six states have adopted a brand-new set of English Language Arts Common Core State Standards for college- and career-readiness, and most are on the verge of implementation. I supported the adoption of the Standards as Commissioner of Education in New York State because I believed – and continue to believe – that they represent a major step towards a more effective education for our students, many of whom have hitherto been subject to unpredictable and often under-demanding learning expectations. (Education Next)
New Jersey
There’s a new crisis in New Jersey, and it isn’t about traffic jams. Public protests in Newark are growing over an effort by Superintendent Cami Anderson, who was appointed to run the state-operated district by Gov. Chris Christie, to reshape the city’s school system. She plans to close some traditional schools, lay off more than 1,000 teachers and hire Teach For America recruits to fill some open spots, and create a single enrollment system for  the 21 charters and 71 traditional public schools under an initiative called One Newark. (Washington Post)
New York
Records from 359 prekindergarten programs overseen by the Administration for Children’s Services were found to include violations from blocked fire exits to peeling lead paint. De Blasio vowed to do a better job with inspections ahead of the pre-K expansion. (NY Daily News)
Rhode Island
There has been much debate in the last few months about the Common Core State Standards, what they are and what they are not and if they are what’s best for kids in our state. While a healthy debate on policy and standards is always an important part of any change, we must separate fact from fiction and have a real discussion about Common Core and what it means for schools in Rhode Island. (Go Local Providence News)
A Philadelphia nonprofit says Pennsylvania charter schools would be better off it they were overseen by more than local school boards. (CBS Philly)


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