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Yesterday, Jeb Bush announced that he was maybe kinda sorta thinking of running for president. Politicos and wonks wasted little time before handicapping his assorted strengths and weaknesses vis-a-vis the rest of the field, with many arguing that his positions on immigration and the Common Core would be non-starters among the most conservative Republican voters. (AEI Ideas)
Gov. Scott Walker is backing off his call for the Legislature to repeal Common Core academic standards, saying he simply wants to insure there is no mandate they be used. (Channel 3000)
Groups representing principals and school administrators on Wednesday praised the recently approved federal spending measure for recognizing principals’ mounting responsibilities and for directing the U.S. Department of Education to step up professional development and support to help principals get the job done. (Education Week)
New York
Governor Andrew Cuomo suggested he won’t sign a “safety net” bill that would shield educators from consequences of the rough rollout of the Common Core standards in New York, citing new teacher-evaluation data released on Tuesday. (Capital New York)
When Bill de Blasio was campaigning for mayor, he supported a one-year “moratorium” on locating multiple schools in the same building. He also said it was time for charter school network leader Eva Moskowitz to “stop having the run of the place,” because so many of her Success Academy schools were given space in city schools. (WNYC)


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