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Foundation for Excellence in Education Senior Advisor Matthew Ladner on a new report that ranks states based on the effectiveness of their education policy. (Wall Street Journal)
Education is front and center in dozens of federal, state, and local contests in this pivotal midterm election year, with issues such as K-12 funding, teacher collective bargaining rights, and the growing role of the charter sector roiling the campaign landscape. In all, 36 governorships are up for grabs, along with control of 46 state legislatures, seven state schools chiefs’ spots, and nine state school boards. And with control of the U.S. Senate hinging on the outcome in a few key showdowns—including North Carolina’s expensive battle, where education is a marquee topic—the Nov. 4 results could set the policy template for years to come. Here’s a selection of key contests to watch election night. (Education Week)
Before an audience primarily of African Americans at the Guild Theater near where he grew up in Oak Park, Mayor Kevin Johnson invoked the 15th Amendment right to vote, spoke of economic empowerment and praised Marshall Tuck. (Sacramento Bee)
How the “performance revolution” came to athletics—and beyond. (The New Yorker)
New Jersey
Improving students by improving the instruction they receive is the goal of three evaluation programs in place in the K-8 Long Hill School District. (Echoes-Sentinel)


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