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The PARCC consortium was supposed to have decided by now whether to approve Pearson’s plan to use computer algorithms, rather than human beings, to grade student essays on Common Core exams in the coming years. But that deadline appears to have been postponed — and both PARCC and Pearson are tight-lipped about why. (Politico)
When Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hosts his educational think tank’s annual conference this week, his support for Common Core national academic standards will be center stage as he weighs a presidential campaign. (Wall Street Journal)
The Pearson Charitable Foundation, the beleaguered nonprofit arm of corporate education giant Pearson, announced Tuesday that it is closing at the end of 2014. (Education Week)
Chicago Public Schools can’t seem to make up its mind about how to measure school performance. (WBEZ)
New York
The leaders of Brooklyn Prospect and the International Charter School of New York both said on Tuesday that they would use a new state law to seek rental assistance from the city, now that their requests to open new schools inside public school buildings were rejected. (WNYC)


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