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The best escalator to opportunity in America is education. But a new study underscores that the escalator is broken. (New York Times)
Time magazine has done it again: It published a cover that has enraged teachers around the country, triggering protesting e-mails and tweets, a petition demanding an apology, and a call for a boycott. (Washington Post)
New Jersey
In his very first promise as governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie pledged on Inauguration Day in 2010 to shine daylight on the workings of his government. “Today a new era of accountability and transparency is here,” Mr. Christie said. “Today, I will sign executive orders that will make our finances, our budgeting and our processes more transparent for all citizens to see. Today, change has arrived.” (New York Times)
New York
Study Finds Gains for Students at Manhattan Charter With High Teacher Pay (Wall Street Journal)
Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Republican opponent, has sought to elevate the issue of education in the campaign, in particular the Common Core, a set of academic standards that has been adopted by more than 40 states. In New York City, the rollout has been criticized as rocky. Many parents saw their children’s test scores fall sharply under assessments aligned with the new standards and were angered by the changes. Mr. Astorino has tried to tap into this frustration, tying Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, to the Common Core rhetorically and starting a ballot line called Stop Common Core. Mr. Cuomo’s ad, “Education,” appears to be a response to that messaging. (New York Times)


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