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The last several years in education have been filled with turmoil: cheating scandals, debates and protests over curriculum and testing, big changes in the way students are taught. The new year offers brings more changes—but also an opportunity to find solutions to old problems and reach common ground on the divisions of the past. Here’s a look at some of the big questions in education for 2014. (The Atlantic) 
In 1997, Education Week first published Quality Counts as a report card assessing state progress in adopting policy measures in several key areas. The annual report offered a way for policymakers to track central tenets of standards-based reform, a movement continuing to come into its own as a major force in K-12 education. (Education Week)
On a rainbow-colored rug in a predominantly Latino neighborhood six miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, 26 fidgety second graders are reading a phonics passage about helping wildlife. Some detect the main idea quickly, shooting their hands in the air. Others need more time and attention. The teacher, Mark Montero, asks questions trying to keep everyone on track. (Hechinger Report)
Sonya Williams, a civil engineer and the president of a parents, teachers and students association, was sworn in Thursday as the newest member of the Prince George’s County Board of Education. (Washington Post)
New York
The next steps in what Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls an “education reinvention” include upgrading classroom technology and making pre-kindergarten universal. (Education Week)
North Carolina
The number of taxpayer-financed schools outside the control of North Carolina school districts is heading for a big expansion. (Education Week)
A $40 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve Pittsburgh Public Schools is in jeopardy because the district and its teachers’ union can’t agree on tests to measure teacher performance. (Education Week)


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