Jonathan Cetel is the founding executive director of PennCAN. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 2013-2014, Pennsylvania spent $1.6 billion on the lowest-performing five percent of schools. Despite that investment only 28 percent of students enrolled in those schools passed the state math exam.

Pennsylvania families deserve access to more great schools and taxpayers deserve a better return on their investment. That’s why PennCAN created ‘Real Accountability, Real Results,’ an issue brief that looks at three states that used innovative accountability models to turn their chronically underperforming schools into high-achievers.

Use the brief to learn more about the accountability models in Massachusetts, Tennessee and Louisiana and gain a better understanding of how Pennsylvania can adopt those models to empower school districts to ensure that all kids have access to a high-performing school.

Since it’s release last month, citizens across the state have been weighing in with their thoughts on #RealAccountabilityRealResults. We hope you’ll join the conversation as well.

Click here to access PennCAN’s issue brief ‘Real Accountability, Real Results.’

State Representative Jake Wheatley (D-Pittsburgh)

“Too many children who look like me attend schools where less than half the students graduate and even less can read on grade level… To bring about meaningful change, we need to combine additional dollars with tools that support the transformation of our underperforming schools. PennCAN’s latest issue brief offers valuable lessons for how Pennsylvania can learn from other states to truly ensure that all students have access to the quality education they deserve.”

Dave Patti, president & CEO of the Pennsylvania Business Council

“Today’s kindergarteners are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers and business leaders. Pennsylvania has begun to make great strides in increasing the rigor of its standards and assessments. The next step is to target schools that are struggling to get students to meet these standards, pairing more money with more accountability. PennCAN’s issue brief provides us with a great starting point for a conversation about what more accountability really looks like.”


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