Marc Porter Magee Ph.D is the CEO and founder of 50CAN: The 50-State Campaign for Achievement Now. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Every year, our state CANs pursue policy campaigns to give every child in their state access to a high-quality education. While the policy goals are often wonky, it boils down to this: working together, our local leaders are bringing meaningful changes to the lives of more than 9 million kids and their families.

We’re excited to announce what we’ll be working on this year, state by state.


  • Secure passage of an Achievement School District bill.
  • Expand access to opportunity scholarships for low-income students.
  • Foster greater local funding commitments for K-12 education.

What this means for kids in the Tar Heel State:
Students and their families will have more opportunities to select the best school for them, chronically underperforming schools will be transformed and local businesses and philanthropists will provide greater levels of support for community education initiatives.


  • Expand high-quality options with fair funding and facilities for all schools.
  • Protect the state’s commitment to high standards and honest assessments. 
  • Expand the number of high-quality school options in Camden.
  • Expand the number of high-quality school options in Newark.

What this means for kids in the Garden State: 
The urgent needs and demands of families for more high-quality schools will be addressed. In September, more kids will be able to attend a great school that receives fair support, measures their progress and prepares and excites them for college and beyond.


  • Launch the Baltimore Principal Leadership Consultancy so that principals can help each other lead more children from low-income households to achieve at high levels.
  • Pass legislation that authorizes high-quality operators of schools of choice to employ principals and teachers.

What this means for kids in the Old Line State:
Students will be supported by the very best principals and teachers who are dedicated to meeting the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and supporting them through their formal education.


  • Ensure that the state develops and executes a clear, streamlined licensure process for experienced out-of-state educators.
  • Reform school discipline policies to keep students in the classroom.
  • Increase funding and support for programs focused on improving teacher quality, diversity and effectiveness.
  • Disaggregate student achievement data by ethnic subgroup in order to better tailor supports and resources.
  • Improve the public charter school landscape by promoting funding parity and stronger charter management.

What this means for kids in the North Star State:
Students are taught by qualified, passionate teachers, held to high standards with tailored supports and learn in a healthy environment that addresses discipline issues without punitive consequences.


  • Continue the growth of charter schools in New York City and across the state.  
  • Increase options for families with the passage of the Education Investment Tax Credit.
  • Support the implementation and rollout of Common Core aligned assessments.

What this means for kids in the Empire State:
All students from all income levels can choose the school that is right for them and have their progress measured consistently.


  • Ensure meaningful intervention in chronically underperforming schools.
  • Expand the growth of high-quality schools in Allegheny County.
  • Ensure equitable funding for all public schools – traditional and charter alike.

What this means for kids in the Keystone State:
Students and their families will have access to great schools throughout the state, providing relief to kids who are trapped in underperforming and underfunded systems.


  • Provide fair, sustainable school facilities aid to all public schools.
  • Ensure the education funding formula is fair and focused on the needs of students.
  • Elevate personalized learning as a statewide education priority in Rhode Island.
  • Champion progress made in expanding educational options and opportunities & raising standards for all.

What this means for kids in the Ocean State:
Students attend class in safe and modern buildings, where they are inspired by learning environments that meet their needs and prepare them for the jobs of the future.

As states kick off their legislative sessions, we hope you’ll follow along with our progress, our setbacks and all our steps in between. 


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