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News & analysis:
NCLB Waivers Granted To Alaska, Hawaii, West Virginia By Education Department

Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced on Monday that three more states would join the ranks of those given permission to ignore parts of the federal No Child Left Behind law in favor of their own school improvement plans. (Huffington Post) 

Khan Academy to Focus on Common-Core Math With Private Grant
Fueled by a $2.2 million grant, Khan Academy will develop online content and tools over the next two years to help teachers and students meet the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. (Education Week – Curriculum Matters) 

Minneapolis school enrolls parents for reading gains

In three months, Jackie Ponce-Chacon has caught up to her sixth-grade reading level and is aiming to be a full grade level ahead by the time school lets out. (Star Tribune) 

Duluth School Board to ask for operating levy vote, cuts teachers
The Duluth School Board has agreed to ask Duluth residents for more classroom money next fall. The board voted 5-0 Tuesday night to have an operating levy vote during the November elections. Member Mary Cameron was absent and member Art Johnston abstained. (Duluth News Tribune) 

View Point:
D.C. Council must stop micromanaging public schools

One of the first things things D.C. Council member David A. Catania (I-At Large) did after taking over the newly constituted education committee was host a dinner aimed at establishing a new tone of collaboration for those involved in D.C. public education. The dinner was held on a night when D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson had long been scheduled to be out of town. That was an early tip-off to Mr. Catania’s notions about cooperation. (Washington Post) 


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