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News and Analysis:
Federal Commission Urges Bold Steps to Boost Education Equity

A federally appointed education-equity commission is proposing a five-pronged agenda for states and the federal government to help the 22 percent of children living in poverty and eliminate what the commission calls a “staggering” achievement gap. (Education Week – Politics K-12) 

Ron Paul is calling school to order
Ron Paul isn’t wasting any time in retirement. The former presidential candidate, who left Congress in January, is working on a book about education. (Washington Post) 

Sen. Mike Johnston unveils bill to revamp school finance in Colorado
Colorado’s first major school finance bill in nearly 20 years would trigger new ways to calculate how state and local money pays for education and — if voters approve — add additional revenue for items like full-day kindergarten for all and preschool for at-risk kids. (Denver Post) 

Daniel Sellers: U.S. history and the power of re-education

We’ve had generations to act on our public education shortcomings. But we haven’t. The Deep South now outpaces Minnesota by numerous accounts. We trail the nation.
If Minnesota’s white students posted nation-worst achievement and graduation rates, we’d have redesigned education overnight. (MinnPost) 

Valeria Silva lauded for St. Paul’s approach to English-language learners
Sometimes a homegirl goes along quietly doing her thing over the course of years without it ever really coming to the attention of the hometown establishment that something remarkable has occurred. (MinnPost) 

View Point:
Sara Mead: If You Want to Criticize the President’s Pre-K Plan, You Should Know What You’re Talking About First

According to the Wall Street Journal editorial board: “The feds are going to educate your toddler no matter the evidence.” If the WSJ editorial board can’t even be bothered to understand what the President called for on preschool last week I’m not sure why anyone should care what they think of the proposal. (For the record, the administration is proposing a state-federal funding partnership to expand pre-k access using existing community- and school-based providers, not a federally-run program.) (Education Week – Sara Mead’s Policy Notebook) 


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