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News & analysis:
Catania plans to announce bills that would overhaul D.C. public schools

D.C. Council member David A. Catania plans to announce wide-ranging legislation Tuesday that could substantially reshape the city’s public education system, as he seeks to increase funding to educate poor children, give more power to principals, change the city’s school lottery system and end social promotion of children who are performing below grade level. (Washington Post) 

School-Finance Reform: Inspiration and Progress in Colorado
Come this fall, all eyes in Colorado, particularly those in schools, will be on voters in the Centennial State as they head to the polls to decide the future of Colorado’s newly redesigned school-funding system. (Center for American Progress) 

Philanthropy beat: Preschool education gets $46 million boost

The Legislature approved an unprecedented $46 million for preschool education scholarships this year, thanks in large part to an unusual philanthropic coalition. (Star Tribune) 

New York:
Teacher Evaluation Decision By State Education Commissioner Cuts Though NYC, Union Impasse

The state education commissioner cut through the impasse between the teacher’s union and the city Saturday and handed down a teacher evaluation system that will give principals greater power to boot bad instructors in city schools. (Huffington Post) 

View Point:
Chester E. Finn, Jr.: Black helicopter-itis and local control

Jay Greene’s slightly Churchillian recent postconflates two Common Core issues that are better understood if they’re kept apart. One involves the role of the federal government vis-a-vis the Common Core, and on this one I really do think Jay is a victim of black helicopter-itis. Of course he’s right that Messrs. Obama and Duncan should have kept the Common Core at arm’s length. (Common Core Watch) 

Rick Hess: NCLB Reauthorization: Here We Go Again
Word has it that the Democrats on the Senate HELP Committee will be bringing forth their proposal for NCLB/ESEA reauthorization this week. Thus we’ll return to a favorite Beltway edu-pastime: discussing whether reauthorization will pass, whether there will be a bipartisan bill, and what might change. (Rick Hess Straight Up) 


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