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News and Analysis:
Test Boycott Puts Seattle Teachers in National Spotlight

Since a group of Seattle high school teachers decided to boycott administration of a computerized exam in December, their protest has been embraced by opponents of high-stakes testing as a call to nationwide action. (Education Week) 

Researchers Critique Final ‘Measures of Effective Teaching’ Findings
The recommendations in the final Measures of Effective Teaching work products may not be supported by the project’s hard data, the National Education Policy Center contends in a review of the project. (Education Week – Teacher Beat) 

Common Core Foes Ponder Next Steps But Don’t Root for Failure
For my story about opponents to the Common Core State Standards published Feb. 4 on the website, one aspect of the push-and-pull I didn’t get into was how those opponents want the next generation of content standards to be developed. A few of them stressed to me that they aren’t simply taking a negative approach to the common core argument. (Education Week – State Ed Watch) 

Texas: School Financing System Is Ruled Unconstitutional
The system Texas uses to finance public schools violates the state’s Constitution by not providing enough money to districts and failing to distribute the money fairly, a judge ruled Monday in a decision that could force the Legislature to overhaul school financing. (New York Times) 

New York:
Explaining, or Maybe Not, Failure in Talks With Teachers
Our mayor being true to himself, Michael R. Bloomberg journeyed to Albany last week to lecture state legislators on his decision to blow up negotiations with our teachers union and so lose $240 million for New York City schools. (New York Times) 


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