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News and Analysis:
30 Under 30: The Millennials Overhauling Education And Leaving No Child (Or Teacher) Behind

As the daughter of a public school teacher, I was raised with the understanding that educators have the most important jobs out there. Forget captains of industry, politicians or the doctors who kept us healthy, without the work of teachers none of them could do what they do. (Forbes) 

NEA, AFT Teachers To Build Common-Core Tools
The two national teachers’ unions have won $11 million to build an online warehouse of instructional tools for the Common Core State Standards. Student Achievement Partners, whose founders led the writing of the standards, is also a grantee. It will work with the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association and their teachers to build the tools and post them on Student Achievement Partners’ website. (Education Week – Teacher Beat) 

In California, Parents Trigger Change At Failing School
Parents in one small California community have used a “parent-trigger” law for the first time to shut down and take over an elementary school. It’s a revolt led by parents who say the school has failed their children, but others say it’s not the school’s fault. (NPR) 

New York:
Audit Finds Lax Oversight of Preschool Special Education

New York spends around $2 billion a year on preschool for children with disabilities, yet the State Education Department has not visited and audited a single contractor involved in the program since 2007, the state comptroller’s office has found. (New York Times) 

View Points:
Weiss: Required reading, or just misread?

YOU MAY have heard the rumblings of panic recently over the new K-12 curriculum standards known as the Common Core. You may have read laments about how great literature will soon be dropped by American schools in favor of informational texts, intended to prepare students for the workforce — such as “Invasive Plant Inventory” by the California Invasive Plant Council. (Boston Globe) 

Pullman: Teachers unions steer clear of Race to the Top
Teachers unions are infamous for pursuing money and power at children’s expense. It’s ironic when they try to turn down taxpayer money on principle but state and local officials won’t let them. (Washington Times) 



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