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News & analysis:
Private Preschools See More Public Funds as Classes Grow

The preschoolers who arrived at school early for free breakfast on a recent morning quietly ate granola bars and yogurt as middle school students recited part of the rosary over the public address system. (New York Times) 

Goldman Sachs to Finance Early Education Program
Goldman Sachs is making its second foray into an experimental method of financing social services, lending up to $4.6 million for a childhood education program in Salt Lake City. (Deal Book – New York Times) 

Study Gauges Value of Technology in Schools
With school districts rushing to buy computers, tablets, digital white boards and other technology, a new report questions whether the investment is worth it. (New York Times) 

Raising the bar
Here’s a multiple-choice question: if the federal government penalises states where pupils do badly in school, but lets the states themselves set the pass mark, will the states a) make the tests harder; or b) dumb them down? (The Economist) 

New Jersey:
Newark Proposes New Charter Admissions Policy

Charter-school operators often have to defend themselves against accusations that they find ways to admit only the best students who apply, leading to higher test scores. (Wall Street Journal) 


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