Beth Milne is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

The moment of truth has almost come for HB 1218, the bill that would spark a long overdue conversation about how to fix Maryland’s second-worst-in-the-nation public charter school law.

In just a few hours, the Maryland Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs committee will vote on whether to pass HB 1218 to the Senate floor. Click here to tell senators to vote yes.

Maryland’s restrictive public charter law makes it next to impossible for high-performing charter schools to meet the demand of the 10,000 waitlisted Maryland families in need of a great public school option for their children.

HB 1218 would take the first step towards changing that by creating a task force to study the current charter school law and recommend the specific changes needed to give high-performing charter schools the flexibility and support they need to innovate and grow.

Tomorrow’s vote will decide whether or not Maryland can begin working this year to right the wrongs in its charter school law. We have the power to influence that decision.

Please write your senators while you still have the chance. 


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