Beth Milne is a past member of the 50CAN team. 

Jordan Jablonski and Jordin Pickett are juniors at Rochester Early College International High School (RECIHS). With the school’s international focus, Jordan was able to study abroad at the University of Beijing last summer and volunteered at Chinese elementary schools while earning ten college credits. Jordin is also studying Mandarin and is currently taking courses at two colleges – St. John Fisher College and Monroe Community College.

NYCAN: What drew you to this early college program?

Jordan: I love learning about different cultures and exploring the various landscapes found in other countries.  The program at RECIHS will help me to become globally competent and college- and career-ready.

Jordin: I was interested in the program at Rochester Early College International High School (RECIHS) because I saw it as an opportunity to get ahead in college. I also saw it as a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in Chinese culture since RECIHS is one of the only high schools in the district to offer Mandarin as a world language option.

NYCAN: What are your goals for college and beyond and how will your time at RECIHS help you achieve them?

Jordan: When I was chosen for the Americans Promoting Study Abroad scholarship to Beijing, China I was elated.  I had the opportunity to go to a place that I believe would not have been possible without Rochester Early College International High School (RECIHS). I believe that their program will help me attain my goal and one day I’ll be a successful politician in a position where I can make positive contributions to society.

Jordin: I want to be a lawyer and having the opportunity to accrue college credits while still in high school is a huge benefit for me. Since I will graduate from RECIHS with more than 20 college credits, I feel that this will place me one step ahead of my peers who have not taken any college courses.  I truly believe that the program at RECIHS will not only prepare me to be successful in college but also be instrumental in helping me reach my career goals.

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