I became NYCAN’s executive director because I believe every New York family should be able to say with confidence that they have access to a  school that makes the grade.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell what “making the grade” looks like.

That’s why we created NYCAN’s 2013 School and District Report Cards—to give New York families information about how their school is doing.

We pored over data from thousands of schools—from demographics to graduation rates to academic performance across racial and economic subgroups—and put it all into one, easy-to-use interactive tool.

Click here to explore NYCAN’s 2013 School and District Report Cards, which assign A-F grades to every school in the state.

Unfortunately, the story since our last round of report cards hasn’t changed much. School quality across our state is still extremely uneven and not all of our kids are getting the quality education they deserve.

281 schools received an F for overall student performance. So did 23 districts. On the bright side, our state is also home to some incredible schools that are teaching their way to 100 percent proficiency for all of their students.

Click here to view our Top 10 Schools list, which highlights schools across the state that are leading the way in performance gains and black, Latino, low-income and English-language learner student achievement.

My job is to make sure every single student in this state, regardless of race, economic standing or zip code, has access to an A school. And the first step is engaging New Yorkers like you in an honest conversation about how New York schools are doing right now.

So please, browse the report cards and our Top 10 lists and then share your thoughts with us on Twitter @ny_can and on Facebook.

Thanks for your support!



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