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Here are news and opinion stories educators, advocates, policy wonks and makers are talking about today:
News and Analysis
After spending millions of dollars adopting and implementing the Common Core State Standards and aligned assessments, states are finally beginning to release preliminary results from the first round of tests administered to students last spring. (US News)
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced Monday that he has suspended of the 2016 presidential campaign, after his poll numbers recently dropped to less than 1 percent. (Education Week)
Critics of Los Angeles public schools have outlined an ambitious $490-million plan to place half of the city’s students into charter schools over the next eight years, a controversial gambit that backers hope will serve as a catalyst for the rest of the nation. (Los Angeles Times)
Administrators at six D.C. public schools violated rules on standardized tests in the 2013-2014 school year by steering students to correct answers, erasing stray marks on answer sheets, or providing unauthorized accommodations for test takers, according to an annual test-security review. (The Washington Post)
New Jersey
When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show five years ago this week to announce a $100 million donation to remake education in Newark, it was presented as an effort to make a struggling city a national model for turning around urban schools. (Associated Press)


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