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Instead of going to school, school will come to you. That’s the prize-winning idea behind RISE High, a proposed Los Angeles charter high school designed to serve homeless and foster children whose educations are frequently disrupted. (Los Angeles Times)
The industry warnings are urgent and often dire: The housing market could stall. Marriages are being postponed. Workers won’t have the savings to retire. The nation’s food supply will be disrupted. They point to one threat: soaring student debt. (The Wall Street Journal)
Chantal Fulgencio had the bad timing to start as a freshman in the fall of 2012 at public East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. That was just when the state was in the midst of seven straight years of cutting its budget for higher education during and after the recession, or at best keeping spending level. (PBS)
Most educator professional development is a waste of time and money. Despite billions of dollars and thousands of hours spent on educator professional development, these efforts are largely ineffective. (U.S. News)
The trustees of the State University of New York voted on Wednesday to completely remove long-standing questions about past felony convictions from its general application starting with the fall 2018 admissions cycle, a decision that could have ripple effects across academia. The change affects 64 colleges in the statewide system that enrolls 442,000 students each year and received 310,000 applications for the 2015 academic year. (The Atlantic)


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